Black horse Diamond Horse Coaching works in collaboration with SoulWorks Coaching® to offer clients the opportunity to work in partnership with horses to explore and strengthen their

  • Personal presence
  • Personal leadership
  • Self-confidence
  • Clarity in communication
  • Listening skills
  • Relationship building
  • Team building
  • Deep inner work

Our Philosophy & Approach

Humans are multifaceted beings who view the world through multiple lenses. We filter our experiences and perceptions through identities, roles, stories and historical beliefs set in place during our early personality development. These filters, while necessary to the growth and development of our personalities, in fact often obscure our experience of our selves as who we truly are.

Monique coaching with a horseHorses, also multifaceted beings, simply show up in the moment as they are. No stories, no filters. They are purely who they are in every moment. Because of their exquisite sensitivity to energy fields, nonverbal communication and their need for security, horses show us when we are being true to our actual experience and when we are living in a story. They bring out the “diamond” in us – the multifaceted realness that is the essence of each of us.

Coaching in partnership with horses creates a unique value for both client and horse. Clients experience in the moment how subtle shifts in body language, emotional state, attitude and physical presence impact their relationship with the horse. Horses get to be in relationship with people as the sentient beings they are in ways that honor their huge capacity for relationship, healing and connection.

Lessons learned through this unique coaching relationship are experienced viscerally, emotionally, spiritually and can be deeply moving and transformative.

Some Specific Logistics on Coaching Sessions with the Horse

  • No prior experience with horses is necessary.
  • All coaching with the horse is done “on the ground” not on horseback.
  • Clients are instructed on practices for staying safe when working with horses.
  • Clients are provided a debriefing form to facilitate getting the most from the session.
  • Each session is unique; horses respond uniquely in every sesssion.
  • Sessions may include leading, grooming, being with or other activities depending on the coaching topic.
  • The horse is monitored during the session to ensure its wellbeing.